Passing the Buckram by a Haircloth…

… or oth­er­wise enti­tled, “Inter­est­ing Titles to Con­fuse Google’s Web Crawlers.”

Below are sam­ples from  Wha­leys Brad­ford Ltd., arranged from thinnest to heav­i­est, left to right, top to bot­tom.  I’ve been send­ing out for swatches of var­i­ous natural-hair can­vases used in inter­lin­ing period coats to do a bit of learn­ing and research, so I decided to take us all on the journey!

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Two years later…

I’ve been look­ing at my sec­ond frock coat (which is the one I cur­rently wear) and com­pare it to what I’m mak­ing now and am totally dis­sat­is­fied with it. So many things have been learned these last cou­ple years, and so I decided that I need to draft and make a new one for myself. So, last night, I worked on a draft.

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Mapping a Coat’s Geology

I’m a fan of geol­ogy and plate tec­ton­ics, and I found it inter­est­ing the sim­i­lar­i­ties between the geo­met­rics and physics that go into mak­ing a coat by piec­ing sev­eral “plates” of fab­ric together, and I’m real­iz­ing that it’s the under­stand­ing of the rela­tions between those plates that makes a good coat. For a long while now, I’ve seen this word “promi­nence” and I’m finally com­ing to a good under­stand­ing of the fun­da­men­tals. So, I made this “map” if you will, of the tec­tonic plates in action and how they all work together to trans­form 2-dimensional pieces into a form-fitting 3-dimensional shape.
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Buttonhole Cutters

I’m in the mid­dle of work­ing on things, but I real­ized I totally for­got to update quickly on some­thing as a side note. For those who fol­low my Face­book page, remem­ber those but­ton­hole cut­ters / pli­ers that I men­tioned see­ing on eBay? Well, I was for­tu­nate enough to receive them as a Christ­mas present from me dear ol’ mother which I’m very great­ful for. :)

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Military Jacket: Initial Make-up

I just wanted to give a quick update on the military-styled jacket that I’m mak­ing for my client on Etsy. It’ll also give an idea of what goes into the process of the first steps in mak­ing a jacket.
Prep­ping the fab­ric for cutting:
First I lined up the edges with a pin every 12 inches
or so so that it won’t warp when pre-shrinking.
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