New Pressing Mat

We’ve lately been cre­at­ing some new items for the work­shop to improve gar­ment pro­duc­tion qual­ity and speed.  The lat­est addi­tion is a proper table­top press­ing mat!  This will be used for iron­work when a flat sur­face is called for, such as eas­ing in full­ness, trousers and coat shap­ing, and sim­ply press­ing items flat.  This was much eas­ier to pro­duce than some have made it out to be.  It’s sim­ply two plies of firm ?-inch car­pet padding, (cre­at­ing a ¾” sur­face to absorb mois­ture,) blanket-stitched together and cov­ered in heavy cot­ton tick­ing.  The tick­ing was smelly at first, and unwork­able, but after a wash through in the machine and some press­ing while damp, I shaped it flat and it fits won­der­fully over the padding.  Iron­i­cally, the tick­ing was pressed on the padding which it would soon be cov­er­ing!  Talk about self-replicating machines…

Supplies/cost to make:

  • $6.00 = 2 yards of 44-inch wide tick­ing @ $3.00 per yard
  • $6.40 = 42″ of 36-inch wide (cut and used width-wise)

The tick­ing shrunk when washed mak­ing the total length about 1 [7/8] yds.  For now, the edges are pinned in place. I want to use it a cou­ple times to see if it’s going to stretch back out eas­ily before sewing the edges clean; it might need to be kept adjustable.

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