Is it me or them?

I’m cur­rently try­ing to find out why my vest drafts just aren’t com­ing out pro­por­tion­ate to those in MTOC 1949.  I’m won­der­ing if it’s that who­ever scanned the book might’ve not lined up the draft right? Or maybe the orig­i­nal pic­ture as printed was dis­torted. I’m using the exact mea­sures as the exam­ple draft.

I super-imposed the orig­i­nal draft after straight­en­ing the guide-lines in Pho­to­shop. I haven’t checked whether the pro­por­tions are accu­rate, but that the back con­struc­tion line and the front center-line are evenly matched up, along with the chest-line and waist-line, I fig­ured this is accu­rate enough for testing.

If you’ll notice, my line 14–16 for the neck-point on mine is about ¼ inch fur­ther out, which changes the shoul­der slope, which changes the arm­scye front edge, etc, etc. The ver­ti­cal line for the side seam is also too far for­ward, and even though the book instructs to hol­low out the bot­tom of the arm­scye ¾” below the arm­scye depth, you can see that the orig­i­nal draft’s is only about 3/8″.

All of this is so puz­zling. I’m won­der­ing if per­haps the orig­i­nal draft just wasn’t fol­low­ing the recipe as accu­rately as the writ­ten instruc­tion list. Any­one have a time machine where I could ask the author?

UPDATE: It’s me! Check this out…

Mea­sure­ment 8–12. Some­how, some­way, I was off by about ¼ an inch. That one mea­sure­ment shifted every­thing else around. The pur­ple guide­lines are what pro­ceeded after that correction.

Amaz­ing how one tiny mis­take like that can throw off the whole thing, isn’t it?

Of course, the 14–16 line is still slightly off, but notice how the rest is still dead on, so yeah, I’m pretty sure this is cor­rect now. Woot.

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